our approach

We believe that getting to the root of the problem, the core of the opportunity and the kernel of the idea are where phenomenal things happen

​​​bringing together smart people and smart process to solve big problems

who we are

We bring together years of doing the work as business leaders, project managers, board members and founders, with years of helping others do the work through consulting and facilitation services.  Our goal is to help organizations make meaningful change or realize their missions.   It is this authenticity that we stand on.  We are here because we felt there was a reason for this combined experience: to help others do their work, solve real problems, make real change.  We would love to help.

We bring a unique approach to our work founded on this belief.  The experts we bring in, the tools we use, the techniques that we offer and, most importantly, the results that we leave behind, are anchored on our commitment to make your mission a reality.


Laurie Price is Founder and Principal at SquareRoot Project.  SquareRoot Project has a network of independent consultants with deep expertise that have co-developed the SquareRoot Project methodology.  This allows us to bring the best resources to each project.